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Specialist services for recruitment agencies

We know how vital it is to make time to research new business and find new clients.  We also know that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day or enough staff to cover the number of calls you need to make.

We are a telemarketing agency providing specialist services to the recruitment industry - obtaining vacancies and leads, reviving old/past clients, arranging appointments to get recruitment agencies in front of hiring decision makers, as well as arranging appointments to discuss preferred supplier arrangements and reviews. We have over 30 years of collective experience working with variety of Recruitment agencies, generalist and more specialist ones; search and selection, Interim Management; training companies, facilities management, property services, financial sector, defence, aerospace, health, retail, start-ups and many others.

We are based nationwide as all our telemarketers work from home and are based all over the UK. Our telemarketers have extensive telemarketing experience of 5 years or more prior to joining our agency. We deliver highest levels of telemarketing services and results through continuously improving our skills, telemarketing techniques, through training and variety of experience. Everything is managed and monitored – you just outsource us your need and reap the results! We don’t charge for setting the project up or reporting. However we don't compromise on any parts of the services usually offered by more expensive competitors - we offer an in-depth analysis/report of all calls broken down by industry sectors, outcomes and reasons to make the most of your calling data. It’s like having your own call centre for a fraction of the price. We come highly recommended by our past and existing clients.

“used Anna Shaw for about 6 years now and would recommend them. They are consistent with results” Classic Recruitment

“exceptional telemarketing results” “exceeded our expectations” “ enabling us to build strong relationships with new clients and prospects” “We highly recommend them and will use them again” “better than having an in-house telemarketing team” Top Gear Recruitment 

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